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At Local Yocal your grocery dollar directly supports local families who are committed to producing healthy foods.

Here are some of our vendors, over 20 more are represented inside our store:

Genesis Beef:

Local Yocal owners Matthew & Heather Hamilton started raising grass fed cattle in 2009 as a step of faith away from corporate jobs and into an industry they were passionate about and felt called to, feeding families quality food from a source they could trust.  Our cattle are healthy, happy animals who enjoy grazing on pasture on the Hamilton family farm in Coleman, Oklahoma (20 miles north of Durant).  We never administer growth promoting agents or routine antibiotics.  The animals have a grass and hay based diet and receive a very nominal legume based fiber and protein supplement of cotton seed meal and peanut hulls during months of reduced forage quality.  There is no grain in their ration.

Learn more about the Health Benefits of Grass Fed Beef

Sloans Creek Heritage Meats:

Pasture raised pork, grass-fed beef, lamb and goat.  Nathan & Ellen Melson pasture raise heritage breed livestock on their farm in Dodd City, Texas.  They are committed to raising animals as our Creator intended – hormone and antibiotic free, on pasture, with a feeding program that meets their design.  Cattle, sheep and goats eat grass, other forage like hay or alfalfa pellets.   Hogs are pastured on soil and grass where they can root around, wallow in the mud, and compliment their grain based diet as they see fit with grass, roots, bugs, and worms.  They receive a grain ration as part of their diet because they are omnivores and, unlike our ruminant herbivores, they require grain to maintain optimal health.

Kruse Farms & Melissa Feeders:

Prime, All-Natural Wagyu Beef.  Right in Melissa, Texas, our Local Yocal investment partners are raising and finishing Wagyu cattle.  Wagyu (famously known as Kobe beef) is the Japanese word for Beef Cattle.  This breed produces a very high end, heavily marbled beef with the unique qualities that yield health benefits and unsurpassed tenderness.  The cattle raised by these purveyors is free of growth stimulants and routine antibiotics, locally raised and finished in an independently owned feed yard where they eat a diet of hay, vegetable slurry (recycled from local grocers) and a mixed grain ration consisting of only 20% of their diet.

Texas Olive Ranch:

Texas grown olive oil products. Texas Olive Ranch 100% Pure Texas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pressed from arbequina variety olives grown at our ranch. The arbequina variety was developed in Spain and is especially suitable for growing in the sandy loam soil of the Middle Rio Grande Valley, where the climate is very similar to southern Spain. In addition to the arbequina variety, we grow two other varieties: arbosana, also Spanish in origin; and a Greek variety, koroneiki.

Purple Ranch:

Locally grown lavender products. Cliff and June Hand are located in Royse City, about 45 minutes outside of Dallas, Texas  where they grow the lavender all of their products are made from.  Purple Ranch specializes in high-quality lavender products such as soaps, bath salts, candles, linen spray, oil, tea bags, wands, and more.

Grapevine Grains:

Fresh milled and rolled grains and granola.  Grapevine Grains specializes in freshly milled grains, and fresh rolled oats.  Steve and Vicki Smolek believe in bringing you the freshest Granolas, Muesli, and  fresh stone ground flours for the best pancakes, cookies, bread and cornbread you’ll ever have!

Rain Fresh Water:

Premium oxygen-enriched water from a local, 24-year family owned business. Rain Fresh Water falls under the category of a purified water. Our process is set up to mimic the steps in the hydrological cycle which God created to ensure the purity of water. The earth has been seriously polluted since the Industrial Revolution. It is because pollution is widespread on many fronts that we use a very involved process to treat the water for a variety of contaminants.

Warne Bee Farm/A.P.’s Apiaries:

Local Honey. A.P. Warne is a third generation bee keeper offering a wide range of single source honey varieties: Local, Texas Wildflower, Texas Clover,  Cotton, Blueberry, Orange Blossom, Tupelo, Sage, Clover and many others.

Willow Creek Bee Co:

Hand crafted goat’s milk and honey soaps.


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